Eat…right to look fab

Eat…right to look fab

Eat…right to look fab. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar tells you how.

If we do use our brain, then we realize that what really looks good on us is confidence and good health. That’s all that we need to look our best. Because what looks really ugly is gaining double the weight one has lost within two months of going easy. It’s easy to not go down that road if we decide to chart our own paths and define our beauty by how much in harmony we feel with our body, mind and emotions. Thankfully, health, harmony and confidence are all linked to good food, so it’s really easy to build on that.

Here are the top three foods that you must eat all the time, to reap their full benefits.

Shudhdesi  ghee:

The same tip that your grandmom irritates you about. She’s told you all the benefits! All I can say is that the grand old lady, who defies her age, has a point and you ought to be listening. You should have it because:

 It helps the mucus lining of the intestines, thereby reducing the chances of bloating. Especially bloating which comes with late night eating and sleepless nights.

The essential fatty acids in ghee lead to good assimilation of fat soluble vitamins, more specifically vitamin E, and add that glowing touch to your face.

Increases the flavour of food, and with feeling satiated, you reduce the portion size of every meal and the calories consumed.

Tip: Have three-five tsp ghee every day, preferably with meals.

Good old haldi:

There are reasons why haldi is so celebrated – it helps you get off that soup-salad regime and have regular dal-chawal-sabzi for dinner. And you do want to eat haldi because:

        It is known to bust both physical and mental stress (trust me, you are going to need it).

        Prevents infections – and no one wants to land up with a urinary tract or vaginal infection ever, but surely not close to the wedding day.

        Here’s an aesthetic reason – haldi helps the skin beat the effects of tanning and pigmentation. It allows you to put your best face forward.

Tip: Cook food with turmeric.

Home set, full fat dahi and chaas:

I said home set and full fat because I don’t want you to buy packaged yoghurt or the fat-free version. The beauty lies in the fat and without it, the curd is not of much use.

It’s the tastiest and easiest way to provide your body with gut-friendly bacteria. Not only does it reduce bloating, but also actually gives the stomach a flat look.

A good source of minerals like calcium, it helps strengthen bone density and gives you a good, toned look.

India’s favourite digestive aid, curd will actually allow you to metabolise the food that you are eating. Wisdom also says that it lets you metabolise or digest tough situations and the wedding season offers you more than one tough situation… So, bring on the lassi!

Tip: Have at least few tsp dahi before stepping out for long shopping hours and parties. It will reduce the acidity that follows. Better still, carry chaas with you in a flask.


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